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Through the eyes of men, led by Otago University researcher Sarah McKenzie, is a project which uses the power of photography to enable men to discuss deeply emotional and personal experiences of mental distress.

Photos and stories were shared by those involved to explain what living with depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts was like for them and what has helped or hindered their mental health journeys.

Suicide is a leading cause of death among men in New Zealand with Māori men overrepresented in the numbers. While anxiety and depression are known risks for suicide there are many other social and cultural factors at play. Despite this, our knowledge and understanding of men’s lived experiences of mental distress in New Zealand remains limited.


This collection of photographs and descriptions aims to give voice to men's lived realities of mental distress and recovery, through their eyes. Our hope is to destigmatise mental illness and encourage conversations about men's mental health. 

In a season you will bear fruit again

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